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Wind Farm Project

Breaking News – Fact Sheet:

Nigig Power Corporation Fact Sheet

Wind Farm Comments & Concerns:

The comments and concerns documented in the Wind Farm Concerns file are presented here to allow you to view the questions easier.  Please use the right hand button bar to navigate through the questions and concerns raised to date. The file is available in PDF format on the Wind Farm Public Consultation page.


CBC Podcast – November 23, 2010

An excellent 27 minute program examining various sides of the wind energy debate:

The Current – November 2010

Report – Health Impacts of Wind Turbines

Chief Medical Officer – Ontario

North American Wind Power

Want to see what is going on in the industry around North America?  Here is a link to an onlinemagazine that posts numerous articles on development.  Though it is largely American, you can observe the increasing growth and activities in the alternative energy sector.

Employment Reports:

Due to questions about job opportunities, two very detailed reports are offered below:

1) The Green Jobs Report is produced by the Green Energy Act Alliance, a non-Governmental body set up to raise awareness about the impacts of the new Green Energy Act:

Green Jobs Report

2)  CanWEA, a non-profit wind energy support organization, contracted a private firm to produce an estimate of wind energy labour demands for the next decade:

Canadian Wind Energy Association Labour Forecast

Wind Energy Promotion Around the World:

1)  If you have a lot of time to read, you can examine what is happening in the wind energy sector around the world in this “Promotion of Wind Energy Report” by the United Nations.  This is a highly promotional and supportive paper with many cautions on how to develop the right way based on international experiences:

United Nations “Promotion of Wind Energy Report”

2)  An article in the recent US based Mother Earth News Magazine gives a lot of thought to the many issues facing communities developing wind farms:

Mother Earth News Print Article.pdf

Anishinabek News and Indian Country Today

A three part series on wind energy development by Jennifer Ashawasegai published in both newpapers plus the Native Journal:

Current Issue

Indian Country Today – Economy

Indian Country Today – Health

Indian Country Today – Rights

Maclean’s Magazine – August 2009

A thorough article examining all sides of the wind farm development debate:

Big Windy Gamble.pdf